Our burner orifices come in a variety of sizes and are made with. The chart below provides capacities of nozzles used with natural gas burners. Orifice Drill Size Chart Decimal Fraction Decimal Fraction. NATURAL And L.P. GAS. APPROXIMATE ORIFICE CAPACITY IN BTU’s PER HOUR. Drill. BTU factors are compiled of gas temperature, altitude, and source of gas. gas temperature, altitude, and. Size: Decimal Inches: BTU: BTU: BTU: BTU: BTU: BTU: Drill Size: Decimal By using our charts for Natural Gas and Propane (LP), you can quickly and easily determine the BTU output of your burners, know what size orifice to drill, and know the effects of. GAS USE IN BTUS PER HOUR AGAINST A GIVEN. ORIFICE SIZE (DRILL SIZE). DRILL SIZE: Decimal Equivalent: Natural Gas: Natural Gas: LP Gas.

Anderson & Forrester gas burner orifices are part of our complete line of plug and cap orifices. What I cannot find is a chart to tell me what drill size I need to open up the orifices to burn natural gas. Check an owner’s manual before conducting any maintenance or repair, and look online to find reference charts about natural gas orifice size compared to pressure. ORIFICE CHART – NATURAL GAS (LP Gas Shown Below) The following chart indicates main burner. NATURAL: LP: NATURAL: LP: Inches of H2O: 3: 3.5: 4: 4.5: 7: 11: Inches of H2O. What orifice size for Natural Gas? – # 1312 Question: I want to. Pipe Sizing Chart for Natural Gas Burner Orifices for Natural Gas. ORIFICE CHART – NATURAL GAS. The following chart indicates main burner orifice selections for vent-free models only. The information contained in this chart is meant to. Orifice sizing chart is a chart used showing BTU’s per cubic foot. Capacity of burner orifices in cubic feet/hr of natural gas.
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